7 Awesome Power Words Which Will Spruce up Your Content

30 May
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Have you ever used power words in your content?

Power words are a key component to writing wonderful content. Adding these words to your content, especially in key locations like; headlines, sub-headlines, calls to actions, etc. can make your content powerful and exciting to read. It will also make your writing unique as it will be completely different from boring words which have been used repeatedly.

Below is a list of 7 Fantastic Power Words Which can Spice up Your Content:-

1. Awesome:

Awesome is a word which can be used instead of words like good, useful, great, etc. You can use it just like in this article’s headline “7 Awesome Power Words Which Can Spruce up Your Content.” As you can see the headline sounds more exciting and energetic with this word in it.

2. Deadly:

Deadly has the power to make the headlines sound more effective. Usually this word is followed by the word “Sins,” as in the headline “The 7 Deadly Sins of Blogging” by Sonia Simone. It sounds a lot better than “The 7 Most Common Mistakes Made While Blogging.”

3. Trigger:

This is another fantastic word which can be quite effective. An e.g. is this headline on Entrepreneur “10 Common–and Effective–Emotional Triggers” by Susan Gunelius. Using the word “triggers” instead of phrases like “bring out emotions” makes the headline short and succinct.

4. Evergreen:

Evergreen is another word which can shorten your headline and make it sound more persuasive. An e.g. is this headline by Corey Eridon, “How to Revitalize Evergreen Content for a Lead Gen Boost.” Sounds great doesn’t it. Here you have evergreen accompanied by two other power words Revitalize and Boost.

5. Boiling Point:

Boiling point can be used to display that something has escalated to really high points. It doesn’t have to always be weather. Here is an article by Scott Bauer where he cleverly uses this word – “Budget Crisis Hits Boiling Point.”

6. Thrive:

How often do you come across words like dominate and rule? I am quite tired of these words popping up everywhere. One of the best words which can replace these over used words is Thrive.

An e.g. is the headline “11 Tips to Thrive on Twitter” by Irene Kohler. Thrive doesn’t make people think that they will be the best at something. It just shows them that they will do really well, so it sounds more realistic, just like in this headline.

7. Numbers:

This isn’t exactly a word, but I wanted to include it anyway as numbers can make headlines more persuasive. As you can see in this headline and most of the other headlines I have listed above how effective numbers can sound.

An e.g. I wanted to point out here was an article I wrote for Bufferapp. “15 Ways to Increase The Click Through Rate on Your Tweets” this makes the headline sound better than a headline like “How to Increase The Click Through Rate on Your Tweets” as when people see it they instantly know how many tips they are going to learn and the number 15 persuades them.

These are 7 power words that can make your content, especially your headlines more unique and persuasive. But you need to make sure you don’t overuse these words. Overusing them will make it more odd or weird and not unique. Also don’t be afraid to experiment with new power words.

I have only given examples of headlines, but like I mentioned they can also be used in other parts of the content like calls to actions, sub-headlines, etc. You can also use them in anywhere else.

Now it’s your turn. Have I missed out any important power words? What power words do you use? Please leave your comments in the comments box below.

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  • John Paul Nettles

    I’ll have to remember these. Another I might add is “easy” and its synonyms. As in “6 Easily Fixable Mistakes in your White Paper,” or “6 Simple Tricks to Improve Your Blog,” etc. etc.

    • Hi John! Easy sounds like a great tip too. Thank you for your comment.- Mitt