6 Ways to Generate New and Better Blog Topics

17 Sep
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Blogging is a great way to display your expertise. On your blog you can write about all your techniques, tips and tricks and how your clients can use them to perform better. This can help you generate lots of leads on a regular basis without having to invest much money.

One problem bloggers face sometimes is getting a stream of good ideas on a regular basis. Once you start writing all your ideas and everything that is in your mind, it could make generating new topics and ideas, really hard. Once you don’t get good ideas you won’t be able to blog as often as you used to and it will also affect the quality of your topics.

It is important that you find new ways which will help you generate more and more blog topics on a regular basis.

Below is a list of ideas which will help you generate quality blog topics and ideas on a regular basis, which will keep your readers coming back for more:-

1. Read Other Blogs and Articles:-

Visit blogs that are within and similar to your niche and have a look at the topics they are writing about and read their posts. You can use this knowledge gained and think of new blog topics and write original blog posts.

2. Read Books:-

Read books which are related to your niche and your audience and find out the more about the latest developments in your field and use some of these ideas to brainstorm new topics. You can use what you have learnt to create quality posts.

3. Read Blog Comments:-

Blog comments are one of the best places where you can find new blog topics. Comments are where the audience following the blog communicate. You can take a look at what they like here, what interests them and what they would like to read. This can really be helpful in generating new ideas.  So make sure you read the comments on your blogs and others blogs.

4. Use Google analytics:-

Google analytics gives you the list of keywords on search engines that lead to your website. This is what your audience is typing on the search engines to look for blogs like yours on the internet. By looking at the keywords that lead to your website you can check if you have topics that are similar to these keywords. If you don’t have something similar to the keyword they typed in to reach your blog, then go ahead and start writing a post on this topic.

5. Track Keywords on Twitter:-

Lots of content is exchanged and read on Twitter. Many tweets are tweeted every minute. A good percentage of your audience can be found here on Twitter. Using keyword tracking tools from services like Social Oomph or Cotweet, you can track keywords your readers would be interested in finding out more about. Using this feature you can keep track of the latest trends and developments.

This will definitely help you generate many ideas.

6. Write Something Different:-

Sometimes when you are stuck with bad ideas, you can write something different from what you normally write about. You can write about your interests or something else you specialize in, which you are sure your readers will find helpful.

This will not only give you a quality post, but will also refresh your creativity and help you come up with new better ideas, as doing something different is always helpful in improving creativity.

One more thing you need to make a habit of is to always carry a pen and piece of paper or a tiny book. Every time you get an idea you can just write it down, so that you don’t forget it.

So keep the above techniques in mind and write down new quality blog posts on a regular basis.

Hope you find this useful? What sort of techniques do you use to help you generate fresh blog topics?