6 Ways in Which White Papers Can be Reused

8 Feb
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White papers don’t have to be just used as white papers. Using some simple methods, white papers can be converted into different forms of content. As white papers are generally 6 to 12 pages long and contain a lot of helpful information, they can be effectively used to produce different forms of helpful content. This content can be effectively used to generate leads.

Below you will find various ways in which you can reuse your white papers:-

1. Articles: The first 80 to 90% of the white paper is an article or a combination of several articles. The content from this part of the white paper can be used to create several short 300 to 600 word articles. The content can be used as it is or parts of the content can be extracted and changed accordingly.

2. Short White Papers: If you have a long 10 to 14 page white paper you could shorten it into 2 to 3 short white papers which are between 3 to 7 pages long.

3. Brochures: The brochure part of the white paper, which is usually the last 10 to 20% of the white paper, can be used directly as a brochure, as it’s just like a brochure which lists the benefits of using the product or service.

4. Slides: Using the content and images in the white paper educative slides can be prepared which can help educate the reader during presentations or webinars. You could convert the content into short points which will look good on the slides.

5. Landing pages: The helpful content in the white paper can also be used to write effective landing pages which can persuade people to download the white paper. Sometimes an excerpt from the white paper can be added to show people more about the contents in the white paper, just like I did on this sales page. The excerpt can persuade people to read more of the white paper.

Landing pages which sell the product or the service can also be created.

6. Press Releases: Some bits of the white paper can be used to create a press release that can spread news about your white paper or your product.

These are a few ways in which white papers can be reused effectively to promote your product, service or the white paper itself better.

You can learn how to write white papers, by reading this free white paper on how to write white papers.

Have you ever reused your white paper? What sort of content were you able to produce from them? Please leave your comments in the comments box below.