5 Ways to Make Your Writing More Communicative?

23 Jul
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Your writing will be more entertaining and fun to read if you write like you talk. If you write like you talk, your reader will feel a personal connection with your writing, as they will feel that your writing is talking to them.

So how to write like you talk?

  • Write using the simplest words. When you casually talk to somebody, you talk to them using simple words. You don’t use complicated words and show off your vocabulary, as it will sound odd, and it feels like you’re showing off. This is the reason why you need to keep the writing simple.
  • Use the word “you” a lot. Replace words like the company, the employee, etc. with you. This will make the reader feel like you are talking to them.
  • Use a lot of apostrophes, as apostrophes make the writing very communicative. E.g. change “they are” to “they’re”, “you will” to “you’ll”, “it” is to “it’s” etc. You can read out the words with apostrophes and those without apostrophes and check which one sounds more communicative.
  • Address yourself or the owner (CEO, Chairman, etc.) of the company as “I”, instead of using “He” or “She”, because when you talk to somebody you address yourself to them as “I”.
  • Ask questions. Adding a couple of questions like, “would you like to know?” “Are you facing these problems?”, will really make your writing communicative, as people like being asked these types of questions.

A word of caution: Trying to make your writing sound like the way you talk should not make it sound Colloquial or too informal.

If you use the tips above you can be sure of your writing becoming more communicative and attracting many more audiences.