5 Ways to Brand Your White Paper

25 Apr
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Did you know you could brand your white paper?

As I have mentioned countless times before, adding promotional information about your company to the magazine section of your white paper will make it ineffective. But branding your white paper, though slightly promotional, will make it more effective. Branding it with your logo, contact information, etc. will help your readers know a bit about your company while they read the magazine part of the white paper.

The reader will know about your company without you having to promote it aggressively. Branding promotes your company, subtly. Therefore, when you’re in the designing stage, always make sure you brand it.

The tips below will teach you 5 ways in which you can brand your white paper:-

1. Add your Logo:

The best way to brand your white paper is to add your company logo to each and every page. Usually it’s best to add your logo to the top left hand corner or the top right hand corner of the white paper. I have also seen white papers where the logo was added to the bottom corners.

You also need to add a large logo right at the end of the white paper.

2. Add contact information:

Another important bit you need to do is add contact information. You could add the contact information to the header or the footer of the white paper. Contact information can be in the form of email address, website address, phone number, etc.

This contact information could work really well if the reader is reading the white paper for the second time. As they have already read the white paper once, they have most likely been through the brochure section too. If they are reading your white paper for the second time, they most probably found it helpful the first time they read it. So if you add the contact information they won’t need to go through the brochure section again. They can contact you from the contact information on these pages.

You need to make it really easy for your reader to contact you, if you want your white paper to generate more leads. So add your contact information to every page of the white paper.

3. Add company name:

Another important detail you need to add is the company name. Add this to the header or footer on every page of the white paper.

4. Copyright:

You should also add the copyright at the end of the white paper, right after the big logo. The copyright consists of the sign ©followed by the year the white paper was published on and the name of the company that created it. You can also add “All Rights Reserved” at the end. The copyright protects your white paper. The copyright lets others know that they can’t reuse this white paper to promote their company and if they want to, they need to contact you first.

5. Design:

Your white paper design should be based around your logo. The colour of the header, footer, any graphs you might use or any other design you will add to the white paper should go along well with the logo. You could also use a similar design to the one on your website, doing this will make sure your white paper appears better.

This is how you brand your white paper when you’re designing it. This subtle promotion doesn’t have a bad effect on the white paper because it’s not mentioned in the text. It’s only in the corners and the headers and the footers of the white paper. The readers can only look at it if they want to.

Branding it will make your white paper appear more professional and attractive. If you would like to look at some well branded white papers you can take a look at some of my white paper samples on my samples page. These can give you some ideas on how to brand your white papers.

For more tips on creating good white papers, read this free white paper on How to Write a White Paper.

How do you brand your white papers? Have I missed out any important points? Please leave your comments in the comments box below.


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