5 Ways Make Your White Paper Reader Friendly

1 Mar
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If you want your white paper to be read completely and to help you generate leads, you need to make it reader friendly. Making your white paper reader friendly will increase its chances of generating leads.

Follow the 5 tips below to make your white paper reader friendly:-

1. Easy to read: Make your white papers easy to read if you want them to be reader friendly. Many people think that white papers need to be complicated and extremely technical if you want them to generate leads. This is actually a huge misunderstanding. Your white paper needs to be at the reading level of a 9th grader in order for it to generate leads.

2. Design: Good pleasant design can make a white paper easy to read and pleasant to look at. If you want to make your white paper reader friendly then add a lot of graphs, charts, etc. that will go well with the text.

3. Skimmer friendly: As I mentioned in this post, there are two kinds of people who read your white paper – detailed readers and skimmers. If you want your white paper to influence both sets of readers you want to make it easy to read for both of them. You can influence detailed readers with good content and skimmers with side summaries, headlines, sub-headlines, highlighted text, etc. For more tips on how to make your white paper skimmer friendly read this post.

4. Provide definitions: A good white paper has a lot of definitions in it. Whenever you use a new term in your white paper and you’re unsure whether your reader will understand it, you will need to provide a definition to it. Definitions can make a white paper very easy to read, especially to someone new to the subject, so provide definitions wherever necessary.

5. Easily navigable: Readers will enjoy your white paper more if it’s easily navigable. If they can find out more about the specific problems that are affecting them and the solutions to these specific problems in the white paper quickly, they will enjoy reading it more as it will help save them a lot of time. So make it easily navigable with a lot of attractive sub-headlines and bolded text that stand out.

These are 5 ways in which you can make your white paper reader friendly so that it’s completely read and can do its job of generating leads.

For more tips on white paper writing read this free white paper on how to write a white paper.

Do you go take the extra step to make your white paper reader friendly? How do you make it reader friendly? Please leave your comments in the comments box below.

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