4 Ways to Promote Your White Paper With Twitter

23 May
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With over 100 Million active users, Twitter is the second most popular social network, right behind Facebook. This gives you a great platform to help your white paper reach a larger audience. I have used Twitter very effectively to increase landing page traffic and convince people to download my clients’ and my white papers and I would like to share some of these tips with you.

Here are 4 ways you can use twitter to convince more people to download your white papers:-

1. Tweet your white paper:-

Spend some time crafting persuasive tweets and use these tweets to promote your white paper. You can learn more about how to write good tweets by reading the post “How to Write Awesome Tweets That Work.” Make sure you don’t tweet your white paper too often. Just tweet it once a week or once every two or three weeks. It’s always good to avoid self-promotion on Twitter.

2. Use relevant hashtags:-

Hashtags are very effective in giving your tweets more exposure, but you need to make sure you use relevant hashtags only. For e.g. if your white paper is on a technical subjects use relevant hashtags like #tech, #technology, etc. If your white paper is on Marketing, use relevant hashtags like #marketing.

3. Add tweet buttons to your landing pages:-

I have found these to be very effective. Not only do they make it easy for people to tweet your white paper while they are on the landing page, but it also adds social proof.

For e.g. if you take a look at the tweet button on the landing page of “How to Write a White Paper,” you will see that it has been tweeted a lot of times. This gives a lot of social proof. When someone see that it has been retweeted multiple times they realize that many people enjoyed reading it and it makes them want to read it too. So make sure you add at least one tweet button to every white paper landing page.

4. Add tweet buttons to your white paper documents:-

Yes this is possible. I have found these buttons to be more effective than those on the landing pages. One of the reasons why my white paper on How to Write a White Paper has so many retweets is because of this button.

As soon as I added this button more people started retweeting my white paper and sharing it with their followers. This is because most people who visit your website will not retweet your white paper right away, only a few of them will. They won’t be sure whether they should share it until they read the white paper to make sure if it’s worth it. And when they read it they probably won’t return to your landing page to share the document.

So having the button in the document will make it easy for them to share the white paper. All they have to do is press the button which you should place at the top and the bottom of the white paper. You can learn how to add these buttons by reading this post “How to add Retweet Buttons to your Documents.”

These are 4 methods you could use to help your white paper reach a larger audience with Twitter.

For more tips on how to promote your white paper read this free white paper on “How to Promote Your White Paper.”

Have you ever promoted your white paper or other documents with twitter? Have you got more tips you would like to share with us? Please leave your comments in the comments box below.


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