4 Ways to Get Your Readers Deeply Engrossed in Your White Paper

5 Apr
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Your white paper has to be interesting, right from the very beginning. You need to get your reader engrossed in your white paper from the first line itself.

A white paper is usually a very long document, if you want your reader to read it completely then you have to make sure they find it interesting and helpful right from the very beginning, otherwise their mind will wander off and they won’t read your white paper completely.



If you would like to learn how to get your readers engrossed with your white paper right away, then read the 4 tips below and use them in every white paper you write:-

1. Write a cracking headline:

The headline is the most important part of anything you write. As a good headline can attract attention and spark the initial interest. It’s the same with long documents like white papers you need really good headlines which can convince people to check out your white paper. Follow this headline with a good sub-headline too. For more tips on how to write white paper headlines read this post. Also check out this post on Copyblogger by Brian Clark on how to write good headlines.

2. Summarize everything in the introduction:

Your headline and sub-headline will be followed by an introduction. If it’s the job of the headline to get the reader to check out your white paper, then it’s the job of the introduction to convince the reader to read the white paper.

In the introduction briefly summarize the contents of the white paper. Let the reader know what the white paper is on, the problems and the solutions it covers and how the reader can make use of the education they receive by reading it. If you let the reader know that they can apply these solutions effectively and solve the problems they face, they will want to continue reading the rest of the white paper.

3. Avoid creating suspense:

Many people make the mistake of creating suspense while writing marketing material. They feel that writing the most important point at the end and building suspense to it, is the best way to write a white paper. But this is a huge mistake. When people read white papers they want to know about the biggest problems that are hindering their performance and tips on how to solve them right away. They don’t want to know about it at the end – it’s not like they are reading a story or a novel where they patiently wait for the end.

You need to keep this in mind and avoid creating suspense. When you write a white paper always write the biggest problems and key solutions first and cover the less important ones later. These will get the reader engrossed in the white paper and they will continue reading the rest.

4. Write a good conclusion:

If you want the reader to read the brochure section after they finish reading all the solutions, you need to write a good conclusion too. The job of the conclusion will be to let the reader know that they can either try out the solutions discussed in the white paper or they could check out the readymade solutions designed by experts below. This will get them to read the brochure too.

If you follow all the tips above you should be able to keep your reader engrossed while they read the entire white paper.

For more tips on writing white papers that keep readers engrossed read this free white paper on how to write white papers.

What do you do to keep your reader engrossed with your content? Have you got any other tips you would like to share with us? Please leave your comments in the comments box below.

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