4 Ways to Get Your First White Paper Writing Job

22 Jul
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Once you have mastered the art of writing white papers, you can go ahead and look for work. If you’re looking for your first job and you don’t have any samples to support your white paper writing skills, it could be a hard to land your first white paper job. However, by putting in a lot of effort and following the tips below, you will soon be able to get your first writing job.

Some ways to get your first writing job:-

1. If you have already got clients who trust you, you can ask some of them if they would be interested in this powerful marketing tool. You can explain what white papers are, and what makes them such powerful tools. If you can convince your clients that it’s a powerful tool and if they are sure about your ability to write good copywriting material they might give you a white paper writing job.

2. Look for people who are interested in getting a brochure or articles written. When you come across a client who is interested in getting a brochure written, you could tell them more about white papers. You could let them know that these papers are better than brochures and if they are interested they can get one written by you.

You could also ask people who are looking for writers who can write articles or blog posts, if they would be interested in a white paper. Let them know that it is better than a regular article and will help them market their products and services better.

3. Write a white paper for a lower price. People, who like to save money or cannot afford to pay an experienced white paper writer, would be interested in getting their paper written for a lower price. If you haven’t got any samples, you could do these low priced jobs and work on your portfolio. Just do this if you don’t have a portfolio.

4. Ask someone like a friend or a relative to help you out. Ask them if they would like to have one written. Then depending on their budget you could write one for less or for free. It will be worth it, as you will get a sample, which will help you land, high paying white paper writing jobs in the future.

Hope this advice helps you land your first white paper job. Please let me know if these tips were helpful.

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