4 Benefits of Writing a Press Release

22 Jul
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A press release can be a very powerful marketing tool if used the right way. Apart from just being news it has many other benefits. Below are some of the advantages of writing a press release.

1.  They can reach the end user directly and can be used as direct marketing material, to let readers know more about your company or your product.

2. If they are written in the form of news instead as directing materials; reporters, publishers, TV hosts and radio hosts could find them interesting and they will print them in news papers, magazines, on the web or telecast them on the TV or on the radio. This can help you reach hundreds of audience without having to pay anything. You might have to pay a small amount to the press release publishing company though.

3. The other advantage of the above feature is that your readers will be hearing about it from reporters and hosts they trust and know really well. They will trust them more than a stranger. It’s like one massive testimonial that will leverage your company and make it trustworthy.

4. In case of online press releases, you get a powerful backlink which can improve your search engine visibility. Some companies like PRweb have a good page rank and when your press release is published through them it will help you improve your page visibility on search engines.

These are some of the main benefits of using a press release to promote your business.