3 Twitter Tools That Can Help You Manage Your Twitter Accounts Better

10 Sep
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Twitter is a great way to network and meet new clients and make friends who have similar interests. But the problem with Twitter is that if your account is only manually operated, it could take up a lot of time. You need to follow and un-follow people every day, write tweets and look for the correct content every hour, etc.  Managing all these activities manually could take up a lot of time.

You need someone to assist you or something that will make using twitter a lot easier. Something that won’t take over everything completely, but will be there to supplement what you do manually. What you need are Twitter tools.

Below is a list of 3 Twitter tools that can help you manage Twitter better:-

1. Cotweet: Cotweet is a great tool that can help make tweeting easier. One of the benefits of using Cotweet is that it can help you schedule tweets. With this feature you can pre-schedule the time at which your tweets go out. You don’t have to login to your Twitter account every hour and post tweets. Using Cotweet you can schedule tweets to go live anytime you want, days and weeks in advance.

Another great feature is the track keyword tool. Using this, you can track words you are interested in researching on Twitter. This will help you keep track of the latest trends and developments.

2. Tweetspinner: Tweetspinner is an amazing Twitter tool that makes the time consuming job of tweeting, finding and following new people on Twitter, easy.

Just like on Cotweet, you can schedule tweets here too. But here it takes it to the next level. On tweet spinner you can schedule the same tweet to run at specific time intervals, every day. You can also take advantage of the tweet spinner feature which lets you spin tweets. With this feature you can tweet similar messages, without having a problem with Twitter’s duplicate tweet rule.

Tweetspinner also has the follower manager tool, which makes following people extremely easy. Using the mimic follow and the keywords feature you can find genuine twitter users who will follow you back and read your tweets and will be interested in using your services.

Tweetspinner also provides the direct message (DM) service.

3. Hootsuite: Hootsuite is a similar tool to Cotweet, as it helps schedule tweets. Just like on Cotweet you can schedule tweets in advance and save yourself a lot of time. Another benefit is that it provides stats; stats on how many people are clicking the links on your tweets. This will help you keep track of your best post, best tweeting messages, etc.

Another benefit of using all the above three Twitter tools is that you can manage multiple twitter accounts under one account. This is highly beneficial for people who have more than one twitter account as it saves a lot of time.

Note: The above twitter tools should only supplement your everyday use of twitter and shouldn’t take it over completely. Twitter works best when your personal qualities come through your account, this won’t work if you control it completely through twitter tools and make it completely artificial. So only use these Twitter tools to supplement your everyday usage of Twitter.

For more tips on how to use Twitter read this free Twitter guide for beginners.

Do you use any of the above Twitter tools? Have you found them helpful?