12 Important “Must Follow Rules” While Promoting Your White Paper

11 Apr
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Proper promotion of your white paper is the key to your white paper performing at its best and helping you generate leads. If your white paper is promoted properly, it will get more exposure and more people will read it. The more the number of people who read your white paper, the more leads it will help you generate.

So if you would like to generate more leads from your white paper, read all the rules below and follow them while you promote your white paper:-

#1. Always have a landing page:-

A white paper landing page is the basic necessity for every white paper. You shouldn’t just place your white paper somewhere in the corner of your site and just have a couple of lines that describe it. You need to have a well written, persuasive landing page which can convince the reader to read the white paper.

#2. Avoid placing ads on your landing page:-

There should be no ads on your white paper landing page. If you want your landing page to convert really well, you will need to get rid of any ads or links which could lead to another page or website. A good landing page with no distractions at all will convince more people to download your white paper.

#3. Add sharing buttons on your landing page:-

Always add social media sharing buttons at the top of every landing page. These buttons will make it easy for the page visitor to share the landing page. They can also add credibility once you get many shares. As many shares will help display that your white paper is read and shared extensively by many people and this will add proof that your white paper’s worth reading. You can see an example of this on the landing page of my free white paper on how to write a white paper.

#4. Use various methods:-

You shouldn’t just use one method or one marketing material to promote your white paper, use as many as you can. For e.g. don’t just use the landing page, supplement it with other marketing materials like; social media, blog posts, press releases, forums, articles, guest posts, etc. Read this free white paper on how to promote your white paper, to learn how to write different kinds of white paper marketing material.

#5. Link all your other marketing materials to your landing page:-

Always have a link in your other marketing material that lead to the landing page. Your aim is to increase traffic to your white paper landing page so that people can download it. So work hard on driving as much traffic as you can to your white paper landing page.

#6. Make use of emails:-


Always fan gate your white paper. It’s important that you collect as many emails as you can. Not everybody who reads your white paper will hire you right away. There will always be a few people who will just download your white paper and plan to hire you in the future. If you want to make sure that they hire you and not your competitors you will need to stay in touch with them and the best way to do this is by emailing them your latest posts, news, offers, etc. So collect email addresses right from the start.

#7. Make it easy to sign up:-

People should be able to sign up to receive your white paper easily. You can fan gate your white paper, but ask as few details as possible. Normally it’s good to just ask for the name and email address. If you want more details, you can ask for it as you slowly build trust. If you ask too many details it could discourage people from signing up to receive your white paper.

#8. Add social sharing buttons in your documents:-

Social sharing buttons should not only be added to your landing page, they should also be added to the white paper document. This will make it easier for someone to share your white paper. They can share your white paper while they read it. You can learn how to add social share buttons to your PDFs by reading this post.

#9. Add links and call to actions at end of blog posts:-


If you have a blog, add links and call to actions at the end of posts which relate to your white paper. Let people know that if they would like to learn more tips they can read your free white paper and then provide a link that leads to it. This can drastically increase your white paper landing page traffic.

#10. Avoid self promotion:-

Never write about your company or who wrote the white paper in your white paper marketing material. The marketing material should always be about why your reader should read the white paper, what they will learn, how it’s going to help them, etc. Your aim here is to get the reader to read the white paper, so focus on that job. Your white paper will automatically do the job of letting them know more about your company and how to contact you.

#11. Keep them short and easy:-

Always keep your white paper marketing material as short as possible stick to a length between 100 and 400 words. Short, quick and easy to read white paper marketing materials can help convince busy readers to read your lengthy white paper.

#12. Use white paper distribution services:-

Don’t ever forget to use white paper distribution services along with your regular promotion. These websites usually have an audience who regularly download their white papers and read them. These services also promote white papers through email, social media, etc. Once you place your white paper here you can be sure that people will download and read them. So look around and find a few services which will suit your white paper.

If you follow all the 12 rules stated above, while promoting your white paper, your white paper will be read by many readers who will get to know about your knowledge and expertise. This will help you generate a lot of leads.

For more tips on how to promote your white paper, read this free white paper on how to promote a white paper.

Have I missed out any important white paper promotion rules? How do you promote your white paper? Please leave your comments in the comments box below.


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  • Anonymous

    Hi, I would like to know if whitepapers can be used as part of marketing kit. Can I frequently share them during a marketing call with prospective client?


    • Hi Smriti,

      Yes you can use white papers when you contact a prospective client. White papers are generally used earlier in the sales cycle – when you’re trying to convince your client that a problem is affecting them and that they need a solution to it. – Mitt

    • Hi Smriti,

      Yes you can use white papers when you contact a prospective client. White papers are generally used earlier in the sales cycle – when you’re trying to convince your client that a problem is affecting them and that they need a solution to it. – Mitt